Carolyn A’Hearn


Tell us a bit about your background in art. How did your love of jewelry and decision to create it come to be?
Originally I went to the University of Iowa to study Journalism, and through that I became really interested in telling stories through design and helping other people tell their stories in a visual way.

Studying design provided a foundation for me to explore a lot of interesting work after school, and I’ve always been attracted to the idea of working for myself. I did work as a freelance designer and illustrator, a fine art printmaker, and many other odd jobs and projects before I began making jewelry.

Making jewelry felt like a very natural transition from 2 dimensional works into 3D pieces. Once I got into the studio it was a very easy decision, it was like “this makes sense!” It was really exciting to feel like I had found something that I loved that was such a good and natural fit.

Your jewelry has such a classic feel yet extremely original aspect to it. Are these things you think of during your creative process? How hard is it to be original yet maintain wearability?
My mind is pretty much always aligning and fitting things together in pleasant asymmetries and nice little arrangements, and I’ve always been drawn to subtle little detail. My thoughts while designing are a mix of things I see filtered through my imagination; some shape or plane I catch a glimpse of out of the corner of my eye. I love looking at art and buildings and bits of flotsam on the street and trees and light and smudges and holding whatever catches my fancy in my mind. Then lots of sketching and making prototypes until something feels right.

From there it’s fun to build out the story around each piece. I like to make sure that everything feels special and that each piece is something I would want to wear so tend to edit a lot.

We love your style! Who are some people that inspire you sartorially?
Wow! Thank you so much! I am always really inspired by brave, bold, and innovative dressers who are not afraid to take risks; I also love when people have their uniform and know what works for them. Personal style is something you cultivate over time – it can take some practice! The most inspiring dressers are the ones who are just doing their thing.

It says on your website that the limitless wanderings of city streets inspire you. Could you talk a little about this?
I love looking around at all the people and things, sounds, architecture, the way the city moves and can have this hypnotic, wonderful energy. There is always more to explore here, even if it is trying to see the same street with a different eye.

What are some of your favorite things to do in New York?
Go to museums and eat snacks. I also love to wander so long walks everywhere whenever I get the chance.

What are some jewelry trends you see coming and going?
I see a bigger focus now on quality, well made pieces and sustainable, ethically sourced materials, something that has always been important to me and a constant consideration in the creation and continued growth of my line.

What do you see happening for your brand in the New Year and onward?
I just want to keep making things that I love! It’s so exciting when I see my jewelry out in the world…I’m so thankful for all the support the line has gotten – It’s been a joy for me to build.

Beyond that, you’ll just have to wait and see!