Rifle Paper Co.

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Summit, NJ, but I’ve been living in Florida for the past 6 years.

Did you attend art school? How did you get into graphic design?
I wanted to study painting but I ended up majoring in graphic design. I realized that I wanted to go beyond the illustration part and see it through to a designed product.

Do you remember the first card you ever sold?
The first card I ever made and sold was our ‘Ella Thank You Card.’ I actually made it to be my thank you card for my wedding and it ended up being the first card I put in the Rifle Paper Co. line.

Did opening a brick and mortar storefront change the face of your web business?
We launched Rifle Paper Co. through our website and it started to take off through word-of-mouth on the web. The local store came about a year after that and it’s been a really fun side project. It’s not something we’ve focused too much attention on, but allows me to see my work in a shop environment and think a little bit more like the people who carry our goods. It’s a nice perspective to have.

From where do you draw inspiration?
I try to find inspiration all over the place: travel, vintage children’s books, architecture, nature, and so on.

What is your favorite flower?
My favorite flowers are probably peonies. They’re so fluffy and beautiful.

What is a consistent best seller?
Holiday cards are definitely one of our top sellers, and are often my favorite thing to design. Overall, our greeting cards are the bulk of our business but we’re slowly branching out into more gift items.

We know it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if you had to…
I really love the “You’re the Bee’s Knees Card.’ It’s a great card to send anyone and I love that it’s a bit more restrained in color. it’s just black ink and gold foil. (ed note: we have these in-store & love them too).

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?
I love decorating for the holidays. We just got our Christmas tree tonight and nothing makes me happier than being at home with a decorated tree, Christmas lights, a fire going…it’s such a magical, cozy time of year.