Kaelen Farncombe

Kaelen Farncombe

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? When did you move to New York?
I am from Toronto, Canada. I went to University at Dalhousie in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I majored in English lit, mostly because I love books and I wanted to spend four years partying and reading simultaneously. I came to New York the summer after I finished my undergrad, which is now just over 3 years ago!

What’s your design background? And why/when did you decide to start your collection?
I went to Parsons for Fashion Marketing. While I was there, I was definitely more into the painting, drawing etc. then the hard numbers side of it, so I decided to pursue the creative side. I interned at Jenni Kayne and Stella McCartney while I was in school, which was awesome. Two very different but very successful businesses that were really inspiring. I decided to start my collection after I graduated because I really wanted to follow in ladies like Stella’s footsteps; I wanted to create something that is mine and that I put my whole heart into.

Who/ What has been most influential in informing your collection’s total look?
The general influence is a kind of restraint, which I think is important for my collection in terms of longevity. I want it to be timeless, so it has to be edgy and modern but withstand trends. I have to stop myself from bedazzling everything.

For which kind of girl do you design?
I design for a girl who has a very strong sense of style, and is an intelligent dresser. She knows what is relevant in terms of fashion and makes it work for her. She likes to make things her own as opposed to being told how something works.

When you’re not wearing your own line, which labels do you tend to pick up? What’s a quintessentially ‘you’ outfit?
I love isabel marant, maria cornejo, a detacher, electric feathers… The list is pretty long. A very ‘me’ outfit is probably going to be a lot of black or grey, probably jeans and a tee with some heels and a cool jacket. I also love a good scarf for a bit of pizazz.

What are your favorite pieces from the Fall 2010 collection?
I think the godet dress is really beautiful and really easy to wear. The torqued tees are great elevated basics, and the cowl back dress in the silver is super sexy.

We love your fall lookbook. Who styled it?
It was styled by Eva Zuckerman. She also did my fall show, spring show, and the spring lookbook. She’s pretty amazing.

Where do you see the line going from here?
At this point I’m down for any progression. Things are moving fast and people are extremely supportive so I’m just enjoying where it’s at now and hoping for success in the future!

What are your three favorite places in New York City?
Saturdays Surf NYC is one of my favourites in the summer. Housing Works Bookstore is amazing because you get to have a coffee, work if you want, and then browse for books and records. My apartment. I love my apartment in the autumn, it’s so cozy and inviting.

What are your favorite winter or autumnal activities? Have you been leaf-peeping in upstate New York yet?
Apple picking is pretty amazing, although I went this past weekend with some friends and it was a bit of a disaster. Super busy, and waay more babies than there were apples. But I did get to see some really beautiful leaves and feel the wind in my hair while I drove out of the city, so that was great.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d wish you’d been given before starting up on your own?
Be patient, and ask as many questions as possible, even if you feel like a fool.

What’s next?
World domination? Just kidding. Back to the drawing board for fall, and more fabric exploration! I love me some interesting fabrics and textures.