Dusen Dusen


Where are you from
Washington DC!

How did growing up with architect parents influence your role as a designer?
As a kid, we always were doing fun, crafty projects. My parents are very interested in art and design in general, so a lot of the outings we did as kids were to art museums, to see cool buildings, etc. It was always a huge part of my life.

When did you first become interested in fashion? Are you self-taught or did you attend a design school?
I started to become interested in fashion when I was in middle school. I would spent a lot of time at thrift stores, bring my finds home and then turn them into something else. I learned about making clothes by taking them apart and putting them back together. I didn’t go to design school, but I focused my studies around the broader idea of fashion.

How did your time at Tufts influence your influence you aesthetic as a designer?
At Tufts I did a self-directed major called the Psychology of Design. I studied why we see the way we do and how that affects our visual preferences on a universal level. I think about this often when I am designing prints, specifically when it comes to color.

Did you love for Scandinavian textiles, architecture, and overall visual imagery prompt you to start your own brand?
I’ve always been very interested in art, and I see the way I design prints as a translation of and reaction to the art and culture that I experience in my day-to-day.

Do you think of yourself as textile designer over a fashion designer?
I definitely do! I like my clothes to be easy, comfortable and not too fussy. I don’t think I’m creating any groundbreaking silhouettes. What I think makes my line unique is the prints.

Your dog is a big part of your life, have you ever designed clothing for him/her?
Yes! I included a line of dog sweaters along with my Fall 13 collection. Now mothers and their dogchildren can have matching sweaters. It’s a dream come true.

If you could sit and talk with any artist (fashion designer, musician, writer, etc.), dead or alive, who would it be?
Rivers Cuomo (my crush)

What’s next for you and your brand?
I am thinking about doing some kind of shoe collab. Stay tuned!